5 Steps To Better Fitness

Exercising your right to a better body means having
one that functions well on the inside and outside. This does take time,
but the rewards are worth it. You will feel positive about yourself and
project that to those around you. Begin with an assessment of where you
are and where you want to be.

Then, make your move with these five steps:
1. Get Your Heart Going
The technical terms for this type of exercise are
cardiovascular or aerobic training. Exercises like walking, running and
swimming will help you build strong heart and lung muscles and help you
control your body fat level and weight.

2. Build Muscle
While walking and running will help you tone up
quicker, you can also lose muscle with too much aerobic exercise. And
since your goal is to look good on the outside as well, you will want
to build some muscle. Maybe you don't want to look like Arnold
Schwarzenegger, however lifting weights to strengthen your muscle will
add more lean mass creating a beautifully toned physique. Muscle
requires clean foods to build and repair tissue therefore allowing you
to use the food you eat more efficiently so that you can reduce body
fat and get the shape you desire.

 3. Eat to Live
Learn to eat to live not live to eat. Eating a
balanced combination of clean foods in the balanced quantities will
help you get and maintain the body you want. That means you need to eat
carbohydrates (starches), protein (meat and dairy products) and yes
even some healthy fats! Every body is different, and depending on your
fitness level will require different needs.

4. Get Your Rest
You've heard the saying, "Too much of a good
thing." Exercise and rest go hand in hand. You actually wear your body
down during exercise and build it up with rest. Too much of one or the
other can have different, yet disastrous effects. It is important to
get between 6-8 hours of rest per day. This is a crucial time when your
muscles are resting and repairing the tissues that have been damaged
during exercise and daily activities. In order to build and maintain a
beautiful physique you need to rest your body.

5. Keep at it and Reward Yourself
Most people start off well, yet finish poorly. A
fitness program is a lifetime commitment, not a short term project. In
order to keep a level of persistence, you need to reward yourself
periodically. Maybe it's a day at the spa, new clothes or a vacation
away. It's your choice, but don't forget it.


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