5 Steps To Get to Your Fab Self


Motivation is the key to my success in everything in life. I have bumps in the road, but I try to look at the end prize instead of dwelling on what is going wrong. I am not perfect and there are days that I stress myself out about money, fitness and many other bumps, but is that really going to help me succeed? I have found that the following 5 things are the ways I stay motivated and I know it can help you get your end result, whatever that is.

Step 1: Create Goals -

This goal can be big or small. Think about something that you would like to happen in your future. I try to create a monthly goal and a yearly goal. This way you have milestones you achieve throughout the year. Living life day by day is something that I have always done since my dad passed away, but I started to realize I needed to plan for my future.

My year goals are: 1. Weigh 125lbs    2. Buy a House

My November goals are: 1. Workout at least 2 times a week.    2. Stick to the Weight Watchers Plan    3. Weigh 145lbs    4. Find ways to save at least $200     5. Be more active with Madysen


Step 2: Tell a Friend - 

When you share your goal with a friend or family member they will keep you accountable. I like to share a common goal with someone I know so they can help me achieve the same goal they want to achieve.

My husband and I have the same yearly goals, so he helps push me to make sure they happen. My monthly goals are different, but I tell him them so that when I might want to stray and eat something unhealthy or shop for unnecessary items he keeps me in check.


Step 3: Keep Your Eye on the Prize -

As a said above, there will be bumps in the road. I know that I am going to want to indulge and have a couple of beers on Sunday Football, but I need to know that I will have to go to the gym more that week to be able to get to my monthly goal and yearly goal.

Making sure to see the end result is key to success. If you doubt you can do it, I suggest video taping yourself when you first come up with your goal and tell your future self why this is important. During the times you doubt yourself watch this video and remember what is important.


Step 4: Reward Yourself for Milestones - 

By rewarding yourself you are more willing to work harder because it shows you that you are on your way to achieving your goal.

Make sure to set milestones for yourself. Any time I lose 10lbs I get to take another picture and see my result and I indulge in chocolate. When I save $500, I buy myself a new dress or outfit (that is not expensive).


Step 5: Never Regret - 

Remember that a goal is not going to magically happen unless you work for it. I have always been told “dreams won’t work unless you do”. There will be times where a speed bump will happen and you’ll want to give up, but tell yourself that the end prize is so much more rewarding then wondering what could have been.


I am always here to tell your goals to and I will make sure to keep you accountable! We can achieve our goals together and become even stronger people.

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