5 Technologies That Kings and Queens of the Past Would Love Today

The kings and queens of the past had a very cushy existence, with servants to do anything they needed or wanted done. However, their lives would've been that much more comfortable if they had access to some of the great technological advancements of the modern world.

Read to discover five of the great modern inventions that would've caught the eye of history's most prominent royals.

High-Tech Surveillance Systems to Monitor the Castle

Why employ a whole army to keep watch of your castle's borders when you can do the same job with a modern surveillance system? The royals could install a series of external cameras and have just one guard monitoring them to slash their labor costs. A few extra cameras inside wouldn't go astray, either. The hired help would be better behaved if they knew an extra eye was watching to make sure they didn't pocket the silverware. 

Home Theater System to Keep Royalty Entertained

The kings and queens had court jesters to keep them laughing, but surely their material got a little old. How much inspiration for new jokes could they find living inside the castle walls? Surely the royals would be much more entertained by a modern home theatre system. Money would be no object, so they could afford to splurge on a giant flat screen, surround sound speakers, and a top-of-the-line Blu-ray player.

All that high-tech equipment would no doubt drain the royal power supply, so they'd also probably benefit from modern power to choose initiatives. That way they could choose the lowest electricity rates and make a much smaller dent in the royal budget. 

Games Console for Fun

Historians say that living royal was far from the glamorous fairytale we're sold. There were tournaments and banquets in the warmer months, but once winter made the roads impassable the castles became isolated and boredom set in. They had medieval games of chess and cribbage to pass the time, but these seem a bit tame by contemporary standards.

Don't you think the kings and queens would have loved to mix things up a bit? A cutting-edge games console would let them enjoy a massive library of games from the comfort of the palace.

The kings adored watching blood sports like baiting a bear or bull, so they'd probably enjoy first-person shooters and RPGs. The queens' love of croquet and tennis would give them the competitive edge playing a range of sporting games. If they connected their console to the Internet they could also play the neighboring kings and queens and feel a little less alone during those long winter months.

Shapewear Helps Queen Look Her Best

Queens certainly had cushier lives than the peasant women they ruled over. They lived in lavish palaces, had copious amounts of leisure time, ate the best food in the land, and wore garments made from opulent fabrics. But that didn't mean their lives were completely comfortably. After so much time squeezing themselves into corsets, they'd probably fall in love with technologically advanced shapewear.

Spanx and similar products would give the queen the perfect figure with far less discomfort. When she felt good as well as looking good, she'd be in a better mood, which would no doubt please the king too. 

Internet Helps Royals Stay in Touch

Throughout history, kings and queens employed messengers to deliver information to other royals and notable figures. The royals would handwrite their message and give it to their messenger, who would travel to deliver it to the recipient and await their response. This was a very time-consuming process, particularly if the kings and queens were communicating with a foreign court. Surely they'd have preferred living in the digital age, where they could fire up their webcams and communicate face-to-face in real time.

Travel was also difficult and expensive in these early days of history, so the internet would have been a valuable way to cut down on those royal visits. Why make an arduous journey to see a newborn prince or princess when you can just see photos of the latest royal on social networking sites? 

Those kings and queens can keep their castles and calvaries. Life's much more fun with these tech marvels!


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