5 things that all girls need to know going into the NBA playoffs

5 things that all girls need to know going into the NBA playoffs

Every girl wants their boyfriend to think that they are “cool enough” to hang with the guys. Well it’s that time  of year again when your boyfriend is glued to EPSN to watch the NBA playoffs. The hype has been possibly, even higher this year with the Donald Sterling racism remarks; so here are 5 things that you need to know so that you can join in the sports talk with your man:

1.      There are 8 teams left in the playoffs. In the second round these teams are playing each other:

  • Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Clippers
  • Washington Wizards vs. Indiana Pacers
  • Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs

 2.      Know if your man’s team is playing at home. The team that is ranked higher has home court advantage and plays  4 games at home. The location alternates each game, so if his team is ranked higher, his team will play at home, then away, at home, then away, etc.

 3.      Last year, Miami Heat won the championship and beat the San Antonio Spurs 95-88. Miami are favored to win, again this year and they have won a total of 3 NBA championships in the past.

 4.      There are 4 quarters in each game, each lasting 12 minutes. With fouls and time-outs the quarters last a lot longer. 

5.      Last: Your man doesn’t want to hear about your day and engage in any conversation other than basketball while the game is on. If you want to moan or gossip during this time, call a girlfriend. Men tend to not want to hear your drama anyway, but especially during a big sporting time. If you are not with your boyfriend while the games are on.. don’t blow up his phone, let him enjoy guy time!

Now to really impress your boyfriend you can drop into the conversation these two points:

  • In the first round, this year, it was a league record of 5 game 7s in all, three of those were in one day.
  • At 17, The Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Championships.

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