5 Things I Like About Budgeting

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5. Budgeting keeps you out of debt.

This last one is obvious but needs to be said. After all, why DO people budget?

It's so you don't end up on an episode of Castle where Castle and Beckett are trying to figure out who broke your kneecaps and then stuffed you in a garbage can.

It's so you can be in control of your own life while acting like an educated human being and not a layaway-obsessed robot.

It's so you can lose your job and not freak out about continuing to pay your credit card bill because, oh yeah! you don't have one!

Believe me, if it's only for that last reason, I'm thankful to be on a budget. You can read more about our budget binder and how it works here.

Now who wants to buy me a bread bowl?


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