5 things I learned at BlogHer11 & 5 BlogHer12 social media tips to know

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As a BlogHer newbie, I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me at BlogHer11. For those of you gals who weren’t able to attend, here’s a brief recap of what I learned at BlogHer11 and what you should know if you want to succeed as a blogger for BlogHer12.

5 Things I Learned
at BlogHer11
Don’t Overlook Blog Footers
All too often all the rich content is only found in the blog header. You find a great post, you read, completely thought-provoked, you scroll to the bottom — and then what?  Nothing. No content. No site navigation. You’re just left to scroll back up to the top to find more info — or worse — leave. While you shouldn’t completely mimic your header at your footer — 'cause that would get totally overwhelming — do think about creating a very clean and not cluttered footer directing readers to dig deeper into your site.

Never Underestimate The Camaraderie Among Women

Sure, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, but this long weekend in San Diego, we came together. We helped each other out. We waited patiently in long lines. We saved seats. We complimented each other.

Jess Weiner Is Even More Beautiful In Person Than She Is On TV
Jess Weiner of Dove’s Real Women campaign and women’s self-esteem activist was a speaker our first day. I’d been tweeting with Jess and was REALLY looking forward to hearing her speak. My favorite quote on how we women can overcome our fears, “ Name it, change it and kick its ass.”

Amen, sister!

It’s OK To Sell Yourself

For whatever reason women don’t like to tout our achievements like men do. Thing is, if you don’t tell a brand how great and fabulous you are, why should they work with you? Go ahead brag. Really. It’s OK. After all, who can sell you better than you? You are your biggest advocate. Don’t ever forget that.

Arrive Early

If you’re really looking forward to a session, as much as you want to network — remember there’s always time for networking at the fab-u-luss parties — head to the sessions as fast as your comfortable flats can take you. I don’t recall one session that didn’t have people spilling out in the hallway or sitting on the floor. 

5 Things You Need to Know
For BlogHer 12
Brands Want Bloggers With High Klout Scores
Before BlogHer11 I wrote a pretty in-depth blog post on what Klout is here. Klout essentially calculates all your social media touch points (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, etc.) and aggregates this information into an overall social media score evaluating how influential you are…or aren’t. The higher your Klout score — the more likely a brand will want to interact with you. The goal is to keep your personal (not brand) Klout score above 60. (Personal Klout scores are able to add more social media outlets into their score — thus making it higher than branded Klout scores, which only calculate scores based on limited social media outlets.)

Become Google Analytics Certified…For Free

Ever wonder how people actually find your blog? It’s all based on how you write your blog posts, and more specifically the words you use — this is called SEO — Search Engine Optimization. Best part is, Google offers online training for free. Yes, ladies, free! Check it out here.

Get Paid To Write Reviews

I heard a very senior level PR gal from a big NYC firm at BlogHer11 tell bloggers that most PR folks won’t pay bloggers to write reviews. While offering in-kind merchandise is nice — insure you see some cash by taking your reviews a step further. Create a sponsorship/promotions package detailing how you’ll leverage your other social media outlets (LinkedIn, Foursquare shoutouts, pictures posted to Instagram, email to your database, etc.) to review and tout the new P&G whatever. Going above and beyond a traditional blog post is what will insure you see more results from your promotion — and will allow you to actually charge a brand.

There’s More To Social Media Than Just Blogging, Facebook And Twitter

LinkedIn is more than just jobs. According to Google Analytics, roughly 10% of site traffic to JaneNation.com is directed from my LinkedIn status updates. I also recently filled a focus group study with my LinkedIn contacts.

Instagram is a hot new free app to take and upload pictures and then edit them using a variety of filters. Other users can follow you — and brands are now joining. 

Social Media Gurus To Know/Follow
Social Fresh — Social media training and conferences
Guy Kawasaki — Former Apple exec
Pete Cashmore — CEO of Mashable  — “the” social media source

Official BlogHer12 Attendee & Sponsors Twitter Lists
Last year I started a Twitter list of all BlogHer11 attendees and sponsors when I was the community manager with Jane Nation.  I had over 1,000 folks listed.  It's nice to see this year BlogHer officially created their own lists.  Be sure to follow the official BlogHer12 Twitter lists for all the latest BlogHer12 info!

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