5 Things to Know About a DIY Kitchen Remodel

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What's the grandmama of home remodeling? A kitchen overhaul. Tempted to do one yourself? Here's what you need to know.

Doing as many steps of your kitchen remodel yourself can save you tens of thousands of dollars. I looked up the cost versus the value of remodeling our kitchen on Remodeling magazine's website. You can sort by area of the country, and if you're in a large enough market, like I am, you can even find your own city. Apparently, a midrange major kitchen remodel like what we are attempting normally costs $53,666 and adds $33,673 to your home's resale value. We're not spending even half that much, and we're not going anywhere. I'm here to tell you that if you are at all handy, you can probably do a DIY kitchen remodel for a lot less than the national average, especially if you don't replace all your appliances and aren't afraid of a crowbar. However, managing your own remodel brings with it its own host of headaches and expenses, and here they are.

The Disappearing Contractor

"I'll be back in a week." They say that on Monday. You assume they mean they'll be back in a seven-day week, the following Monday. But Monday comes, and goes, melting into Tuesday and possibly even Wednesday while you track enough dirt into your carpeting to grow tomatoes waiting for the return of the tile guys. Without a general contractor, you're the one who has to track and manage any contractors who are doing parts of your remodel you can't do yourself.

tile delivery

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