5 Things to Know About a DIY Kitchen Remodel

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Budget for Not Cooking

This one has really been the biggest issue for us. We budgeted pretty close for the remodel itself, but normally we only eat out once or twice a week. During the course of the remodel we have cooked as much as possible, but after losing the kitchen sink, the fast food, take-out and better quality restaurant meals have our bank account crying for mercy. We have been so diligent about eating at home for health and frugality in the past six months I truly forgot how much it cots to eat out all the time. If you're going to do a major remodel, plan for at least two to three weeks during which you'll be hitting even the deli at your grocery store way more often than you think.


Credit Image: Patrick Feller on Flickr

Despite the inconveniences, I'm shocked at how much money you can save by doing as much as possible yourself when remodeling.Have you remodeled a kitchen? What did I miss?

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