5 Things My Kids Taught Me in 2013

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It's Not THAT Serious

It's Not THAT Serious

Sometimes you just have to put on a costume. Or belly laugh at cartoons. Or fart jokes -- especially at fart jokes. My life as a mom this year has been one endless fart/poop/penis/butt joke. I get annoyed, aggravated. Those two kids (and their father)? Laugh deeply. I've learned that laughing at jokes -- or more importantly, at life -- is a requirement. It feels good. It lessens the tension of the moment. It brings about perspective. And really? The jokes are kind of funny. In all of this, I have learned that not everything is life and death and maybe I need to lighten up. Just a little bit. Because we don't tell penis jokes in church, OKAY?!?!?! Ahem.

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