5 Things My Kids Taught Me in 2013

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I live in a real life 20 Questions game, but instead of 20 it's like FIVE BILLION QUESTIONS. All day long. As we were dropping off the boys to spend a day with Grandpa this year, he commented that he had been practicing all of the answers to be ready for all of the questions. It's funny and sometimes ear-numbing -- but it's awesome. These two guys aren't afraid to ask a question of anyone at any time. Where do babies come from? Check. How do you make a video game? Check. Why do we eat meat? How is poop made? But how does the sperm get to the egg? Check, check, and omg, check. In accomplishing one of my parenting goals -- making sure my children felt they could ask or tell me anything -- I have created this non-stop stream of questions and it is my job to answer them. If I don't know an answer, they simply say, "Well, ask Siri!" I love it, because I think it's good for our future relationship. But it's also taught me to stop being afraid to ask questions, to search for answers when I don't know them, to seek out solutions when they aren't immediately evident. It's also taught me how little I know about the world at large, but we're all learning the answers together. Pretty cool, if not slightly deafening.

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