5 Things to NOT Do on LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn just like the next entrepreneur. It’s a wonderful outlet to network in a professional environment as opposed to Twitter and Facebook which are great, but often blur the line between one’s personal and professional life. Yet in the process of my LinkedIn experience, I’ve encountered certain actions that should just not be done. Check out these pointers to make sure you’re not making these woeful mistakes!

Don’t Post Unprofessional Pictures

This should be obvious but for those who confuse LinkedIn with Facebook, I’ll explain. LinkedIn is the place where professionals with established or aspiring careers network with each other for the sake of their profession. It’s not a place to post your sexy clubbing pictures, your bathroom poses, and worst of all, your duck lips.

Leave your night-at-the-club, wanna be model poses on Facebook where they belong.

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Don’t Leave Your Picture Blank

I don’t trust a person who doesn’t have a picture on their profile. Are they spammers (see below)? creepers (see also below)? or just plain insecure? We don’t know so it’s a huge turn-off to people who—unless they personally know you—will keep from networking with you because you haven’t dedicated the attention necessary to your profile.

Post a picture dang it!


Don’t Add People Just to Add People

LinkedIn isn’t Myspace (do people still use this??), Facebook, or Twitter, where you can just friend and follow people for the sake of it. I’m extremely open to requests to connect on LinkedIn because it’s much more of a safe place than the other social media sites; I’m sure many others feel this way as well. But don’t take advantage of the system because eventually, LinkedIn will shut down your ability to add people, temporarily or permanently.

Connect responsibly.


Don’t Spam People

I cannot abide a LinkedIn spammer! You know the type: floods your inbox with pleas to read their blog, join their business, or buy their products. This is the same for those ministers out there who overload you with spiritual and “prophetic” messages on a frighteningly frequent basis. It’s annoying and you will be unfriended!

Worse, there’s the type who has the audacity to add your personal/professional email to their subscriber list. This is just downright bad etiquette—in social media and business in general.

If you take the time to build relationships with people and gain legitimate access to them, you will eventually be able to share your ventures with them in a way that is welcome.

Respect the inbox!


Don’t Hit on Your Connections!!!

This has got to be the most awkward situation I have ever been in. I once had someone message me this:

By the way, I like your picture, I’m single so I’m giving you a compliment.

Ummm, can you say A-W-K-W-A-R-D?! LinkedIn is sooo not the place for hitting on people. If you build a relationship that leaves the parameters of the network and feel that kind of thing is appropriate, then flirt at your own risk.

Bottom line, LinkedIn is a professional network. It’s a wonderful outlet to interact with other likeminded individuals, but it is not casual. Present yourself right, respect your contacts’ profiles, and you win, break these rules and you lose.

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