5 Things You Must do to Market Your Art

There was a time when I believed that art is a channel to express our creativity and feelings. It is not an exhibit to delight others, but a way to cherish all that we see and experience.

Has that opinion changed over time? Most definitely!

What I have also come to realize is that my opinion was impractical and not grounded in that time or now. Your art is as much for yourself as it is for those who desire to own it. Art reaches its zenith and completion when it is seen and critiqued.

Marketing art is important. Connecting with your buyers and potential buyers is essential. Without that, how do you think they will even get to know about your art, no matter how outstanding it is?

This post is for that reluctant artist who is not keen on marketing his art. It is also for the actively marketing artist to know just what he is getting right and why he should continue doing what he is doing. Read on to know the significance of art marketing.

Cashing in on Credibility

If you love it, why would you not want to do it for a living?

That is the question all occasional and part-time artists need to consider. If you think that your paintings cannot be your source of bread and butter, think again.

If you are regularly creating works to be sold, why aren’t they selling? It is due to the artist-buyer gap. It is due to a lack of marketing. Marketing not just helps the consumer know about your paintings and what it has in store for him, but does you a great favor as well. It lends you credibility.

The general perception is that when you put up something to sell and make it known to all, there must be some utility and credibility to the product. Art is no different.

Market your art well and cash in on its credibility. Do it through joining hands with reputed dealers and registering on art marketing websites and blogs. Your job will become a lot easier. You will stay updated on the current trends in the art world and make significant gains.

Recognition and Recall

There is an excess of everything in the market. Buyers are bombarded with Vintage, Baroque, Abstract and so many types and varieties of paintings. Your best piece of work will be remembered and cherished by you. But to get it to the notice of prospective buyers in the sea of available artwork, you will need to market it well.

Recognition and recall are important aspects of any successful product or brand. It is what leads to the ultimate sale. This applies to paintings as well. So whether you are aiming to get your work sold or just recognized for its true merit, you will need to market and keep it fresh in the minds of the people.

Get your work mentioned in leading journals, websites, exhibit catalogues and newsletters from art associations and exhibition organizers. Newsletters are one of the most powerful marketing tools. Use them well. Building awareness about your work will lead to it standing out in the minds of art enthusiasts when they do come across it. This will lead to more recognition and consequently more respect and appreciation for your work.

Regular Updates and a Glimpse into the Process of Making Art

Marketing is not simply for hardcore selling but more for generating a buzz around the artist and his work. Make that possible by setting up an art website for yourself. A website enables artists to directly connect with collectors. A service like Faso makes available many technological tools to strengthen the contact and communication between the artist and the collector.

People love to know what goes into the making of a masterpiece. Regularly update your readers with the progress of your artwork on your website to make your potential buyers a part of the creative process.

You obviously do not need to divulge all the personal details, but at the same time a daily record does a good job of marking one’s progress. It authenticates your work. Your buyers will eagerly look forward to the finished product.

If you feel that regular updates are not going to be possible, attach a paragraph or two about the process behind the creation along with your work. This will capture the attention of the collector and also lend a personal touch to your work. Every collector and every consumer loves that.


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