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When that new scary movie comes out...

I am a horror movie enthusiast. As a kid, my mom and I watched every scary movie or television show that would come on. Seriously, I was the only kid at school who watched Tales From the Crypt, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and The Twilight Zone. Every Friday, my family and I would go to the video store and rent VHS tapes. My brother, sister and Dad would all pick out comedies and cartoons, but my Mom and I would pick out all of the horror films. We'd have to watch them after they all went to sleep because they were so scared!


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Every time a new scary movie comes out, I try and find someone to go and see it with me, but no one will go. My mom hates the theater, she thinks it's too loud and she does not like the crowds. Basically, my horror partner has deserted me unless I watch the movies at my parents’ house with her. I know I can just go to the movies by myself, but there is something about horror films that make you want to go with someone right? It's kind of like when you go to the Halloween mazes or Fright Nights-- it makes it even more fun when you have someone to grab onto to when you're scared. I watch ghost stories and scary movies by myself a lot, but I would not mind having some nice sexy arms around me when I jump from fright. Judge me.


It might be nice to grow old with someone… -->



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