5 Tips from DIY content syndication at Blogher08

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at Blogher yesterday on DIY content syndication. The panel included Gwen Bell, Anne Marie and Esther. We had a full-house and the panelists were great! Katie Live-blogged the session, so you can read the play by play at her blog.

I thought that there was some great information shared in the
session and great questions, so I thought I would post with some of the
insights revealed for building community and traffic to your blog.

1. Depth over Breadth
to go deep on a few tools and really make a difference, vs. attempting
to use every tool and only being half-present in each one. We all have
limited time to spend online and can't afford to get into every tool
and have a deep online presence. Focus on a few tools and really
participate actively in the community.

2. Leverage other Blogs
trackbacks and comment on other blogs... Many people comment, but
trackbacks are an underused tool for driving trackbacks. Trackbacks
are important because 1) You share linklove with another blogger, 2)
You can drive traffic through their comments and 3) You are interacting
with readers who are interested in your content. This is a great way
to participate in the community and it can help generate interest in
your blog. Caution: do not spam. Take the time to genuinely
participate in the community and engage when the conversation is

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