5 Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids

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I'm most definitely not an expert, and I will never claim to be… but right now, I'm just your friend. Sitting across a cafe table, a couple of steaming cups of our favorite drinks between us like they belong there as the woodgrain of the table top weaves it's way around the base of our mugs. We're sharing stories, exchanging knowing nods and smiles because we've all been there… we still are. We're in the throes of this parenting thing. In the trenches of diapers, picky eaters, potty training. and homework (sometimes, lots and lots of homework). I'm seven years in and I feel like I'm just starting to identify the few main factors that, with a fair amount of consistency, let us enjoy our happy children instead of seeing the other side of them—the cranky little monster that is waiting to break free when their bodies are rife with too much sugar or lack of sleep.

I used to think that the way children acted was all based on choice and on discipline. I used to believe that they could just turn off the whine, or the fit, or the attitude on a moment's notice. And then I had kids.

So, though my children are NEVER perfect, and I wouldn't claim them to be, ever. And though I'm FAR from it myself, I've learned a few tips that work for our family. Lifestyle choices really. As we're currently all snuggled into our car's seat belts on a road trip and riddled with a little too much sugar and less sleep than normal, perils of a week of hotel life, I'm reminded even more why these choices are such a key to seeing that happy and healthy side of our little ones.

5 Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids



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