5 Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids

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5/ Let them play

5 Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids

With all of our schedules of homework, karate, dinner, chores, activities, and lessons, it's easy to forget that our kids are kids. Do you remember exploring your neighborhood and getting dirty playing in the yard with friends when you were young? Now it seems that when kids are outside to play, it's because we've got them on the field and ready for a game, but somewhere in our schedules, we have to allow them to let their imaginations run wild. Let them get dirty. Allow for unscheduled play. It's been reported that the decline in free play coincides directly with the increase of depression and anxiety in children, and while there are certainly others considerations, there is definitely a good thing happening when we allow our children to boost their confidence through creative play and imaginative free time. I think that by the time I was ten I was already a spy, a singer, a mother, a zoo keeper, an animal whisperer, a police woman… and so many more roles in there, and not just that, but I really believed I could be any of those titles and be great at it! Why not allow our own children the confidence to believe that they can truly accomplish anything they set their mind to by allowing their minds to explore and find what they're interested in doing, what they're interested in becoming.

Just putting this list together is a reminder to me of a few of the ways we watch and promote our kids health and happiness. Now, it's your turn, I'm sipping on my chai tea latte and wondering, what are some things you do in your household that you've noticed make for healthier, happier children? Please share in the comments, we'd love to hear!



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