5 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Dreams Now

"You know those goals you’ve set for yourself, those dreams you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to live out? It’s time.” – Maria Shriver

What have you been waiting for? It’s the rare person who does not have dreams, goals, wishes; those someday, when the time is right, maybe when I have more…whatever.


There is no perfect time, no right circumstance, and no magic window of opportunity. There is only now. Now is the time to stretch out of your zone of security and comfort and reach higher. As my very wise father used to say, “Get your rear in gear!” (Except he used a slightly different word that I will not print on this blog for sensitive eyes to read.)

I have some tips to impart before you embark on your quest for all of those magnificent dreams:

Get very specific about what you want

Ambiguity is the kiss of death for dreams. Be crystal clear, be specific, and if possible be vivid. Be able to explain your objective to a complete stranger – You don’t have to actually do it. Just be able to if you needed to.

Be sure that it’s still right for you

Dreams and ambitions change with time. What we wanted in our 20’s may be radically different from what we want in our 40’s. Question if the vision you had for yourself is still the future you really want.

Have your fantasy

In other words, it’s more than thinking outside the box. That phrase is so over-used that I don’t think we even pay attention to it anymore. What I want you to do is, not only think outside the box, think over the box, think under the box, forget the box even exists and think on a blank canvas. However, don’t forget that there are still opportunities inside the box. I just want you to open your mind to all possibilities (Ahem…without any illegal substances please!)

Gather the troops

Enlist help wherever and whenever you can. Telling people what you want gives you a measure of accountability. Moreover, you never know where your most valuable resource may be found. Mentors and potential partners are everywhere. For example, when I was first trying to get my career as a freelance writer off the ground, I made an off-handed comment during a massage (one of my favorite gifts) about wanting to write full-time to the massage therapist whom I had never met before. I was floored when she told me she had a friend who was looking to get some help with his blog. Hello! That’s opportunity knocking. Who knew!

Full steam ahead

Be bold. Be courageous. Be determined. Don’t be afraid to do something that makes you (or someone else) uncomfortable. Stop making excuses…If you don’t have the time, drop something else. If you don’t have the knowledge or skill, get it.

Every day that goes by is another opportunity lost. Are you going to keep wishing and hoping and complaining or are you going to go after what you want?

Now, be brave and tell me what you want. I’m listening. Put it out there. You never know what kind of support you’ll get. Post a comment or share it on our Facebook page.

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