5 TV-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Pop culture Halloween costumes are the best. Sure, the classic monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, George Bush) have their fans, and I wouldn't deny a trick-or-treating archetype (devil, pirate) his miniature box of Dots.

But a well-timed television-based costume is all the goodness of a screenshot gif come to life that also provides a snapshot of the year. Yes, you already have the ears-headband, but do you want to be that girl who trounces our her same Black Cat costume year after year until her friends secretly wonder if she's a Furry? Well, if you do, more power to you. But if you want the cool costumes for this year, I'm here to help you out. Here are the year's best TV-inspired costumes sure to score you extra candy corn, or maybe even an Emmy or two.

1. Orange Is the New Halloween Costume

I predict this is the costume of the year, and not just because Halloween is one of the high holy days for my LGBTQ brethren. The first season of OITNB was the hit of the year, the actors have been active on Instagram and Twitter while filming season two, and the show is just plain hot. Plus, yay, costumes for women, made possible because of how wonderful it is to have a quality show full of great female characters.

You won't care if everyone else is wearing the same tan scrub set with a long-sleeved shirt underneath (or orange combo if you're a newcomer) because it would be a fabulous party if everyone came dressed as OITNB. In fact, invite me to that party. I'll bring pie. 

Bonus points if instead of a uniform you go for a towel wrapped around yourself and shower shoes made out of duct tape and maxi pads.

2. Breaking Bad

You have a few choices. A hazmat cook suit says, of course, "I break bad." But seriously? You'll be hot. Pinkman hot hot, but also sweaty hot. If you aren't up for that, I'd recommend the quintessential Walter White Walkabout Outfit to truly celebrate the greatness of this show.

3. Game of Thrones

Daenerys, for the wig alone. Bonus: You will score tons of extra candy for your dragon.

4. Liberace and the Matt Damon Younger Boyfriend Guy

Behind the Candelabra was celebrated heavily at the Emmys, winning Best Miniseries or Movie. But even better, it wins as BEST COUPLES COSTUMES OF ALL TIMES, straight, gay boys, queer girls, mix and match to your heart's content and these costumes will always work. Because: Liberace.

5. Walking Dead.

Season 4 conveniently starts October 13, and everyone knows walkers have more fun. Just know that no one will want you to bob for apples with all that makeup on. Or make out. And don't show up at the OINTB prison, because the Walking Dead prison is very different. Either way, you are likely to get shanked, though.

You could also go as Dexter in his final scene, though you'd be a walking spoiler alert, and spoiler alerts are worse than candy corn. So, no. Okay, your turn. What do you recommend for cool costumes this year?

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