Stumped for Valentine's Day? Try One of These 5 Unique Gift Ideas


Feel the Vibrations of the Venus Butterfly II




This is the most risqué of all the gifts and it is the gift that keeps on giving. It can be used alone or with your significant other. I present to you the Venus Butterfly II. I don’t know about the first iteration of this contraption but I will tell you what I do know-- This is a personal massager that has both internal and external stimulation. It is wearable and it has a remote control. Are you intrigued yet? The premise is that you can give the remote device to your significant other and let him/her “control” the action or you can control it yourself. Great for a romantic evening at home or even at dinner....just be careful because I hear that it is kinda loud!


Dust off those “cobwebs” with something sexy -->



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