5 Way Baby Boomers Can Be Happy In Your Business

When it comes to Baby Boomers in the workplace, you might imagine the generation is getting ready to retire, head into the sunset, or just check out. As it turns out, you couldn’t be more wrong, as this is the generation that loves to work. After all, this is the generation that invented the concept of workaholic. They like to climb the corporate ladder and are motivated by advancement and money. So how can you keep them happy within your business? Here’s how:


  1. This generation has a lot of experience. Have them share it with your team. Have them share ideas that have worked in the past and get their opinion on ideas for future projects. They have seen it all. Let them provide their insight to the growth of the company.


  1. Let them be a mentor. Boomers can be a mentor to you or they can groom a member of your team for leadership. With a labor shortage on the horizon, you may be pushing younger people into leadership roles sooner than you think. Who better to train these people then the ones that already know the ropes?


  1. Have them mentor an outside source. Of course, you wouldn’t share company secrets but having them share their wisdom on the board of a small business or with a charity could bring some great PR to your business as you reach out to the community.


  1. Have them look into making your business more LEAN. Every company has bottlenecks and processes that could run better. Have them head-up a team to collect these problems and find solutions. Make sure someone on that team can contribute some expertise in technology, because sometimes software may need updating, and this may not be Boomer strength.


  1. Offer a flexible schedule. While this generation will work until it drops, they are also in a position where they may have to take care of elderly parents or want to work on a hobby without actually retiring.  Let them adjust their schedule as necessary and reap the ongoing benefits of their contributions.

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