Fat or thin, saggy or strong I will love and appreciate my body for the rest of my life. Yes, I want to be fitter and healthier that I am at this moment but that doesn’t mean I can love myself today.

Take a moment to think about a few of these plus size celebrities: Queen Latifah, Rebel Wilson, Oprah Winfrey, and Dawn French. What do you think about them? Is your first thought “ewww they’re fat” or do you think “wow they’re sexy amazing magnetic women who have achieved so much!” How you feel about these women is often how others feel about you. The secret is confidence. Sometimes it’s not innate but learned. Here’s my plus size blogging personal tips on how to be body positive and confident in your own way.


This is a gradual process. Negative mind chatter creeps in and you may not even know the thoughts swirling around your head are destructive and making you feel bad about yourself. I picture it like an angel and devil on each shoulder scenario. If you realize your thoughts are putting negative just say ‘stop’. Change your thought or focus to something else and move on with your day. This may happen many times a day in the beginning but sooner or later you’ll be able to recognize the negative thoughts as they pop into your mind and you’ll be able stop them. This is a conscious decision and you can make the change.


As a fat person, my body positivity seems to make others uncomfortable. Many people don’t think I ‘should’ feel good or have the ‘right’ to feel good due to being overweight but the only person’s thoughts and opinions I have control of are my own.

I have friends who are size 6 and make negative comments about their bodies. Often that same person looks at me expecting a “you’re skinny its me who’s fat” comment.  I don’t do it. No comments on their body or mine.


Dress your body like you love it. I was never interested in fashion until I became body positive. There are lots of great places to shop and many plus size clothing brands run to size 26 or above.  I’ve compiled a list of links for fabulous plus size fashion brands  and also hand selected some  sexy plus size clothing looks on my Pintrest board.  I’m constantly adding fun pins to so follow the board and when you’re ready to embrace your body confident look.


I believe being body positive starts from a young age so as an Aunt of a three year old niece I made the decision to comment positively about my body in front of her saying things like “look how beautiful I am” doing a twirl in a fun dress with a huge smile on my face. I want her to know its okay to think positive about herself no matter what she looks like and at any age. I also make comments in front of my sister and Mum saying how beautiful they are too so my niece has other examples set for her.


A plus size photo shoot is a great way to gain body confidence. I’m not talking a 1980s hideous glamor shoot with a Vaseline lens. I’m talking a fun pin up or  studio session for yourself or a group of friends. New dress, makeup and hair done. I did one earlier this year and had a fab time!  One of the pics is to the right and I should reveal I had put on weight and was thinking of canceling the shoot thinking I didn’t look good enough. I made myself do it and looking back am happy I did.  Being body positive is about your relationship with yourself but also how you portray yourself to others.

how to be Body positive

What are your tips on being body positive? How did you do it?

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