5 Ways to Find Joy in the Mundane


This morning was not like any other. In fact all of our school days are pretty much routine. I wake the kids up by horrifically butchering some version of a good morning song or by whispering in their ear the events of the day. Showers are completed. Breakfast is made and eaten. Lunches are packed. Papers are signed. The yells or hurry-up begin as we pile into our car. Prayers are said. Quick goodbye kisses and shouts of , “I love you. Shine like a star…” are said as the kids get out of the car and walk into school.

My week will consist of doing loads and loads of laundry, cleaning restrooms, sweeping up the creative mess of the weekend, mopping floors, making beds, meal planning, doing dishes, buying team snacks, baking treats for our kids Bible study, packing for a long overdue getaway with Mr. C, writing out a schedule for my mother-in-law, squeezing in a run, writing and scheduling blog post for the week, going to a baseball/softball game every day this week, and whatever else is thrown my way. The truth is, aside for our getaway, every Monday I could hit copy and paste because this is my life. My complete and perfect mundane life.

I didn’t always see it that way. When I first became a stay at home mom my life was filled every second of every day with the demanding needs of infants and toddlers. I often refer to it as the survival years. When my time became less demanding I starting to resent my predictable life.

I was in a cycle of bitterly doing household duties and neglecting them all together. There had to be something bigger and better out there for me I was supposed to be doing. I started searching for something, anything,else to define who I was.

After years of feeling confused and disgruntled, I realized being a housewife is the bigger and better I had been searching for. I rebelled because I felt ill-equipped as a wife and mom, I still do. However I now tackle each mundane day with joy. How did I come to this realization? I simply changed my perspective.

Hindsight is an eye opener when all of your kids are in school, you have five hours of free time each day and you are wishing you could recapture the joy of watching them do anything for the first time. I wish I had this perspective sooner. I can’t change that but would I can do is share my wisdom (I use that word loosely) with you.

5 Ways to Find Joy in the Mundane 

1.) Have Gratitude: Spend time everyday counting your blessings by writing them down. It may sound cheesy but it works. The more time you spend giving thanks the less time you have for complaint. After I did this for a couple of months I found myself thanking God the food in our fridge, my family being abundantly clothed, the extra finances for sports, and indoor plumbing instead of grumbling about housework.

2.) Get a Hobby: I was partly searching for something better because I had neglected my own needs. Although being a housewife is my priority it does not mean I can’t explore outside hobbies or even a career. After trying out different activities I have discovered that writing has become a necessary outlet to maintaining my joy. I also run, attend a Bible Study that also serves as fellowship, and every once in a while I go out with the friends. Doing things that feed my soul help me to relax and refresh making me a better wife and mom.

3.) Live in the Moment: One of the greatest gifts I have given myself is permission to chuck my to-do list. Look there is so much planning that needs to be done in order to keep our busy household in order so I am not saying to give up planning. What I am saying is your housework will be there tomorrow. Trust me. Take time for the impromptu dance in the rain, bike ride, couch snuggle, pajama day, video game competition, dance party, swing jumping, sidewalk chalk drawing, science experiment, and dessert before dinner days. In other words, enjoy the reasons your life is what it is today.

4.) Change Your Perspective: Being a mom is no joke. It is extremely hard to find joy when your kids are bickering, dinner is a bust, finances are low, or your kids are sick, again. I know. I get it. In the most difficult of times I remember those who want to desperately but can’t conceive or those who have lost a child. Just turn on the news and we are reminded everyday that our time here on Earth can be taken away without warning. In those times I am most thankful for the mundane.


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