5 Ways to Nurture the Mind of the Organized Child

"Look what I did!"

I blinked at the clock - 7:33 am.


With a combination of fear and curiosity, I rolled out of the bed, squeezed past my open and overflowing dresser drawers, ducked around the protruding handles of my elliptical turned closet extension, shimmied by the full  laundry baskets of clean but not folded clothes, and went out of my bedroom door - not before whacking my pinkie toe on a plastic bin of craft supplies. I limped down the hall to her room.

"Look, Look!" she chirped, barely able to contain her excitement. "See, I put all my lotion - here. All of my lip gloss is - here. I hung up my necklaces - here. And under here - I put aaaaaaaalllllll my dress up stuff!"

"Wow!" I said - trying to sound excited through the sleep stuck in my throat, "This is really amazing!"

Truth is, I was excited.  We had gotten our girly girl a powder table for her birthday, and she really loved it. Now, two birthdays later, she was still in love with it, and using it to stay organized. I was always afraid that my kids would mimic what they saw when they witnessed the chaos that was my room, and here was my little one, up early, making sure her personal space was in order. Whoa.

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