5 whole, unrefined ways to fall in love with pumpkin

Here is a thing that is very depressing: China does not celebrate Halloween.

And in addition to not celebrating Halloween, China also does not honor the creamy, comforting deliciousness of pumpkin.

Which means no pumpkin beer here.
And no massive displays of pumpkin on sale outside the grocery store.
Or decorating people’s porches.
Or gracing muffins, cakes, pies, lattes and the like.

It’s all so…unfestive, amirite?

Don’t get me wrong—this country’s got it made when it comes to other, similarly comforting dessert flavors (red bean, sweet potato, taro, the list goes on); pumpkin, though, is just autumn’s thing. No pumpkin in the fall would be like…no watermelon in the summer. I mean, can summer even exist without watermelon?

So as I continue to scour this town for signs of little orange globes anywhere, check out these inventive, ridiculously delicious-looking, unrefined takes on the Best Vegetable Ever—and if you make any of ‘em, let me know how they turn out. Because I plan to eat and drink enough pumpkin next year to turn my skin orange, and I cannot wait.

5 whole, unrefined ways to fall in love with pumpkin

1) Almond & pumpkin porridge



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