5 Years & A Handful of Hours - Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary. In dog years, that’s 35 years and in Hollywood, that’s like 50 years! I do expect the gift that corresponds to the Hollywood years.It hasn’t been super easy during our married life; we’ve had tumors, surgeries, job losses, job gains, going back to school, job dissatisfaction, deaths, cash flow issues and wisdom teeth. So much has changed in the past five years but despite it all, we still love each other and we choose to come home to all of the above.Sometimes people use their anniversary to reflect on their wedding day and share stories about it. Since I plan on being married about 100 years, I’ll need to come up with about 95 other stories from that day, other than this one.The funny thing is that most of your wedding day stories don’t include your spouse because you really aren’t together a lot on that day. Because our wedding was somewhat of a destination wedding (we were married in my hometown in Southern California while we lived in the Midwest), I didn’t do a lot of the wedding planning or organizing - my mom did. However, we discussed a lot and I visited to figure some stuff out and I had a few things that I clearly wanted on my wedding day.One of those things was a Krispy Kreme wedding cake. I’m not super fond of cake and I like people to remember things and a cake is a cake but if you say a donut cake, people listen! My mom was horrified at the thought. If I recall, there were words used such as “tacky” and “classless”. I stood my ground and my dad built the tiered stand and mom and I ordered the donuts. On my wedding day, mom and I were sitting next to one another at the hairdresser and she had this panicked look on her face, “Kat?” she said, “I need to tell you something and I don’t want you to be angry with me. I did it for your own good.”Of course just the suggestion that you shouldn’t be angry about something gets people angry. “What?” I asked.“I ordered a bunch of sheet cakes” she said. “I won’t put them out until after you show off your cake. I just don’t think people are going to eat the donuts. I think they come to a wedding expecting to have cake.”I was relieved that this was the biggest concern. “Moooommmm!” I said. I couldn’t let her off too easily. When it came time to “cut the cake”, we fed each other our favorite donut (mine was raspberry filled and I think he had original glazed) and then the sheet cakes were set out. We didn’t have a single donut leftover from the 40 dozen that we purchased (we had over 400 guests) and no one ate the sheet cakes. Well, someone did because there were 5 or 6 pieces missing. Mom had to find someway to ditch 2 or 3 sheet cakes the next day (my apologies to the youth group).That is the story about how my mother tried to ruin my wedding.Just kidding. Love ya mom!


Kat is a mommy blogger without the kids. Okay, she’s just a plain old blogger. She loves spying, er gossiping, er talking about her neighbors and the things that happen in her little neighborhood called Maple Lane. You can read about these escapades on The Burb Blog. Kat also created a little known website called tackychristmasyards.com


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