5 Yoga Poses to Create a Fresh Start

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School is starting up again, but even if you're not returning to classes, many of us look at the fall as a fresh start. Invite peace and tranquility into your brain and restore your mind with this 5-part yoga practice.


child's pose

The asana child's pose (balasana), also known as "wisdom pose," connects your heart and your intuitive centers to the earth, from where we draw feminine energy as we seek inspiration and creativity.

How: Kneel with top of the feet to the floor. Knees can be together (thighs parallel) or wide. Sink your hips back to your heels. Take your chest to the floor in front of you. Arms can be outstretched a la "superman" or along your sides, toward your heels, palms up. Inhale to fill to your kidneys, and exhale to melt into the ground. Repeat for five breaths.

Aim to: Get your hips as low to your heels as possible; get your forehead and heart on the ground.


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