50, Fit & Fab

Greetings fellow Fabulous 50-somethings! We are amateur fitness enthusiasts. We have a goal (optimal fitness and, hopefully, a smaller butt) and we want to share it with the world. There are many other great websites that provide examples of food diaries, fitness routines and other health information, so we won’t duplicate their efforts. What we will do is share the fun and the frustrations we experience during this journey. You gotta keep laughing because otherwise, you might get discouraged and poop out. Huff and Puff do not consider pooping out an option and laughing (if done properly) can be a great ab workout! C’mon in and share in the fun. Our goals for this blog are to chronicle the road from fat to fit, learn more about all things fitness and amuse ourselves along the way. In so many ways, getting fit is an exercise in self care. We want it for ourselves and we want to encourage all of you who want fitness for your own fabulous selves. We are 50 (well, one of us is just 50 and one of us is closing in on the other end of the decade), Fit (okay, it’s a long term goal), and Fab(ulous)! Huff and Puff