A 50 Pound Turkey!

Hi everyone ~ so this week really kicks off the Holiday Season! It’s almost Turkey Day~ and speaking of Turkeys ~

** Did you know that Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey to be that national bird of the United States! Most people did not agree and he lost that battle to the Bald Eagle!**

So, living in Europe has always been a challenge when looking for our Traditional Dinner of Turkey!  You see in the USA you can buy a Turkey in any and every grocery store ~ so when we came to Europe ~ I expected the same thing! Ummm I was disappointed! Hate to break it to you, but for those of usexpats NO Turkey in the Stores!

** the Reason you don’t have Turkeys all over the stores, is because Turkeys are actually native to North America, and not that popular in Europe and other countries. **

One Crazy Year, when we lived in the Czech Republic and I had to have a Turkey! It was tradition and I was going to find one! A friend of mine … after much searching … found us a Turkey directly from the farm! He even ordered it, picked it up and brought it my house the night before Thanksgiving ~

** Did you know that we eat Turkey on Thanksgiving, because Edward Winslow ~ on of the first settlers, wrote about Turkey Hunting right before they sat down for the first Thanksgiving.  So no is actually sure that they ate turkey on that first day! **

Ok So I have to tell you about this Turkey! It was THE BIGGEST TURKEY I HAVE EVER SEEN! Somehow in the translation I mixed up Kilos with Pounds! Oh come on don’t judge me ~ I am American everything is in pounds and math is not my strong point!  So I ordered up a 50 POUND TURKEY! NO, I am not even kidding! Holy Cow ~ better yet Holy Turkey! I could not even lift this thing! I was not sure how I was going to fit it into the oven!  HaHa My Husband Benas was on a road trip and returned to this HUGE BEAST sitting on our kitchen table! The Picture just does not do it justice!

The Giant Turkey!
The Giant Turkey!

Worse yet ~ it still had the neck attached ~ it was not in a nice little bag, like those butterballs we have in the states! IT WAS ATTACHED ~ And It was a long as my arm and probably 4 inches around! It looked like a baby elephant laying on my kitchen table!!! I was in a state of shock, how do we get that thing off?!

Hahahah, I thought this is a man’s job!  I said to Benas ~ “Babe you gotta cut that thing off”  and he looked at me as if I was a nutbag (he does that a lot actually ) Hee Hee ~ “HOW exactly should I do that …. ???” he said!  HAHAA SO Benas spent the next hour literally wrestling with this giant animal to try to cut its 1 foot neck off! All the while Duke, our trusty dog, is hoping that Benas wrestles it to the floor, so he can get a piece of it!

It’s good that he loves me ~ because I know that often I make him crazy!  He finally wrestled him down, cut his neck off (it took almost an hour) and I prepared him to get cooked! THEN guess what ~  he didn’t fit in the oven!! Hahahah It just wasn’t my day!  I had to pull all the side panels out of the stove, and take out all the racks to try and squish this mammoth turkey into the oven!! Hahah It was quite a day! All in all the Turkey came out fantastic and we had the whole team over + some for dinner!

It almost did not fit in the oven!
It almost did not fit in the oven!

The secret to cooking a turkey, I have found it to brine it the night before! Brining means to soak it in water and spices the night before.  I take a Big Bucket, lined with a plastic bag, and fill it with ice cold water.  In the water I add

  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 cup of molases (or honey)
  • 1 cup of vegestable bullion
  • 1 cup of paprika
  • the Turkey

I mix all the ingredients in the bag, put the turkey in and let the bird sit overnight to soak up all the spices! This makes a nice moist seasoned turkey ! If you have a bigger or smaller turkey you can use 1/2 cup of each ingredient for each gallon (4 liters) of water that you use

This year, the Telekom Baskets Team is coming but I decide to order 2 10-15 kilo Turkeys instead of a Giant Elephant Turkey!


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