50 Shades of Annoying

I get it. The movie trailer came out last week.


Some people are REALLY excited about it and others are REALLY not.


Then there are people like me. People that think people are making a much bigger deal about it than it needs to be.


I've read a few articles, some better written and with more sound logic than others.


There are people, in case you haven't read, that are adamantly against this movie and are vehemently condemning all women who have read the books and will see the movie.



Then there are those who think it stands for women's sexual liberation and that the naysayers are trying to stifle women's sexuality.


Then there's me, who up until this point, didn't really think too much of it. It's a movie, that came from a book. It just happens to have a lot of sex in it.


Did I read the books? Yes.

Did I find them riveting and brilliantly written? Well no, but they were entertaining enough to keep me interested (although, progressively less so as I went through the series).

Did they turn me into a sex-crazed maniac? No (dad, this is one blog post I really hope you chose not to read) but the timing of my reading the first book on our honeymoon did us no harm.


I guess I'm struggling with what all the fuss is about. The articles I've read against the movie talk strongly about the 'meaningfulness' of sex and how it's supposed to be between married people etc etc. Um, have you watched a movie lately? I'm confident that the majority of movies I've seen have sex, between unmarried people.

I could understand if there was a deeper conversation, perhaps about how annoyingly submissive the main character is and repercussions of such a popular female character being so docile and compliant in all aspects of her relationship. How there's a constant desire of the leading lady to "fix" the damaged man. Cliche much?




Will I watch the movie? Yes, why not? I'm curious to see how they interpret the book in film.

Seriously, one famous blogger (who shall remained unnamed - *cough Matt Walsh*) suggested women boycott the movie for the sake of our children's future. Many, including Mr. Walsh, have likened the movie to porn. Did you get to attend some sneak peak that the rest of us weren't privy to? Yes, there's  a lot of sex in the book but I'm pretty sure it's not going to translate to film the same way it reads. Even so, who cares? So what if a bunch of women watch a R-rated movie? I somehow doubt that's going to mark the demise of humankind.


I've also read how the women reading and watching should feel ashamed of the way they're making their husbands feel. HA! While the book and movie may have some die-hard followers, that doesn't mean anyone who reads or watches is neglecting their husband or making him feel insecure. Come on people.


Why do people care so much about this movie? Watch it or don't watch it, love it or hate it, but we don't need to keep condemning people who do watch it (if so, I want to see an equally condemning post about all men who watch porn ever) or grouping them as bunch of sex-obsessed women. Some of us just read a trashy romance novel and might just watch the movie. That's it. Either way, I'm confident my daughter's future does not rest on my movie-attending decisions.






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