The 500 Pound Declutter - My Urge to Do a Massive Purge

I have issued a major challenge to myself. 

Over the next year, I am going to remove 500 pounds of clutter from our lives.  Not trash.  That doesn't count, that would be going anyway.  So this isn't 500 pounds of diapers.  I am talking about honest to goodness CLUTTER. 

And in regaining control of our house, I am going to make effort to translate that to other areas as well.  (And if I can lose 15 pounds along the way and avoid future "When's the baby coming?" comments, that would be delightful.)

I will set aside a bag each week. At the end of the week, I will weigh it.  More often if I can.I will throw away, give away, recycle and donate.

And by this time next year, I will have gotten rid of at least 500 pounds of clutter.

Step one.  If I wasn't already committed to beginning my de-cluttering journey, all I had to do was round the bend into the kitchen.

Our Kitchen Desk

Now I know we all have that one dumping ground.  The place where things just get set when you walk in the house.  Ours is this desk.  Unfortunately, this is also smack dab in the middle of the kitchen.  You can't hide it.  You can't avoid looking at it.  It's always there.  And it has been driving me nuts for quite some time.


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