52 Week Challenge with a Twist

So like most bloggers, I have to post the 52 week challenge but with a twist. When I say twist I  mean like adding more money to the challenge of course. Sometimes I like pushing the envelope of my challenges even further. Adding $25  on a monthly basis to your already growing fund will in the end have you coming up with a lump sum of 1378+300=  $1678 at the end of year or $1703 if you add an additional $25 just because of how the year ends.  

I came up with the idea, when I realized almost every savings account requires you to have minimum of a $25 transfer. So in those first 24 weeks of the year, your not hitting the minimum transfer if that's how you are depositing your money and could be getting penalized with a bank fee for not having  enough money to transfer. So then I thought hey why not have a monthly transfer of $25 in addition to what you are already depositing on a weekly basis and thus the 52 week challenge with a twist was born. Either way think about it, why not make your threshold of savings be over $1500. instead of almost $1500. I promise you'll be thanking yourself later.

So since I'm a visual learner I couldn't resist showing how this works.



As you can see the result is pretty amazing. Now you can put money in without any crazy fees and end up with even more money in the end.

As always with love,