The 56th Grammys and Natalie Grant: Why She Really Left

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards show took this place this past weekend and it created a lot of drama, on and off stage.  I'm hip to the pop culture jive and I had considered watching the Grammys until I heard about the "weddings" taking place.  This turned me off completely; not solely because they were couples of all kinds and I support traditional, Biblical marriage, but because this is a music awards show and not a place to further your politics.  But because I wanted to be able to form an educated opinion about the events of the evening, I watched the clips later.  

I suffered through Mackelmore's song and was offended by his mockery of the Bible and Christianity.  How is that helping his cause?  If he wants to preach tolerance, where is his??  Even if I don't agree with your lifestyle or spiritual beliefs, I don't mock them and I expect the same from you in regards to mine.  The "weddings" left a lot to be desired and although maybe it's a monumental deal to be able to say you got married on the Grammys, it wasn't what a wedding or commitment ceremony should be.  Didn't they want more?  Didn't they want heartfelt vows?  They were told to take out their rings as a sign of their commitment and Queen Latifah was being pulled off the stage (what was that about??) as she pronounced them married.  It actually made me sad how anticlimatic and rushed it was. 

Beyonce and Katy Perry seemed to cause a lot of buzz as well, but neither performance impressed.  Pink, however, was strong and artistic.  Her performace was simple but amazing.  There wasn't all this fluff and gyration.  I could enjoy her performance both visually and audibly.  

So why did Natalie Grant leave?  She isn't elaborating but many people have arrogantly spoken for her, making some pretty wild assumptions.  Her Tweet that caused the uproar was simply this:  "We left the Grammys early.  I've many thoughts about the show tonight, most of which are probably better left inside my head.  But I'll say this:  I've never been more honored to sing about Jesus and for Jesus.  And I've never been more sure of the path I've chosen."   The Twitter responses she received were wild and uncalled for.  One person even tweeted asking if she hated Katy Perry when in fact, Natalie had made no reference to Katy whatsoever.  Natalie Grant is an amazing singer and women, and whether she left the Grammys early because she didn't feel well or because she didn't feel comfortable with the show, is completely within her right.  But it is not within the rights of others to attack her for it.  She was kind and classy;  why can't everyone else return the favor? " target="_blank"> " alt="Featured on" width="120" height="100" border="0">

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