5K Down- What have you crossed off your bucket list this month?

I offically ran a 5K!

My First 5K!

So- this means I have begun my journey; I have started to cross things off my bucket list! It feels amazing. I wanted to do something, I worked hard for it, and I achieved it. For the first time in a really long time I felt proud of myself.

As most of my friends are aware- I am NOT a runner. I was always the person in high school/middle school who would be a member of the 12 minute mile club; walking to the finish line. Let’s just say I wasn’t too motivated. But, I decided to set a goal. Something that to most might seem easy, but to others a milestone. Seeing that I can accomplish something I never imagined myself doing,  really shows what anyone can achieve any goal they have.


The morning of the race I really didn’t feel prepared or ready to run. I was nervous (mind you it was a 5K, but still that’s a big deal for a “non-runner”). My brother was in town, and of all people, he told me that it’s important to do things you set your mind to. He was right. Plus, he just participated in a Tough Mudder (12 miles-26 obstacles) and he told me I shouldn’t let him show me up. Surprisingly, even with his motivational words, I still wasn’t feeling inspired to participate in the race. The negativity in my mind was starting to take over. I kept saying to myself, “What if I don’t finish? What if I have to walk?” I explained this to my sister and she asked me something that woke me up, she said, “You’re going to let your ego get in the way?” She was right. Even if I have to walk at points, that doesn’t mean I am a failure, it’s about crossing the finish line and reaching that goal. So, I ultimately I got my butt off the chair and headed to the race with Ethan.

The race went great. After 2 miles and 3 huge hills I had to walk a bit to catch my breath, plus I just bought new sneakers this week (bad idea) and they were killing my feet. But, as I made a right hand turn around the last bend, I could see the finish line up ahead. No way was I going to walk now.

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and I knew in that moment it was my Dad. He was telling me to push myself and finish the race. As I got closer to the finish line, I reached down and felt my pocket to make sure my necklace was still there (I put the necklace Ethan gave me with my Dad’s ashes in my pocket during my run, for motivation). I felt it’s heart shape and I smiled. I saw Ethan clapping up ahead, smiling because I know how proud he was of me too. I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life and someone my Dad loved. All in all- It felt amazing to cross the finish line. I did it! AND- I came in 1st in my age class and ran my fastest mile. It was a great day. 

I am starting to notice that almost everything we do in life has a lesson attached to it. Everything is an example of the strength and courage we possess. We can accomplish anything. We can take a journey through time and look back on those moments and ask ourselves, why did we do this? How did it make us feel? What did we learn? Its pretty amazing.

Today I want you to look back on some of the smallest moments in life, that have made the biggest impact. Maybe you didn’t see the connection before, but now you see how life has panned out because of that moment. It can be an act of kindness- it can be an old boyfriend, a fight with a friend. Anything that makes you realize how you have grown from a situation. We are all here to learn something and to make an impact. How are you going to make yours?

Anyway-I still have 49 more things to do! I’m feeling pumped!

1.Run a 5K.
2.Travel to Paris.
3.Kiss under the Eiffel Tower.
4.Participate in a mini triathlon.
5.Travel to Tuscany.
6.Travel to Southern France.
7.Sing a song and post it on YouTube.
8.Sing karaoke- without being intoxicated.
9.Write a children’s book.
10.Make an entire pinterest inspired meal- apps-entrees-dessert.
11.Skinny dip in the ocean – on vacation.
12.Buy my own horse (Friesian).
13.Participate in a Tough Mudder.
14.Travel to Amsterdam – learn about my heritage.
15.Put together a family cookbook.
16. Walk the Great Wall of China.
17.Participate in the Make a Wish campaign- Make a wish come true for someone.
18.Get in the best shape of my life.
19.Travel to Napa Valley and wine taste.
20.Travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
21.Leave a HUGE tip to someone deserving.
22.Ride a horse on a beach.
23.Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.
24.Allow myself to make mistakes.
25.Learn to say no without feeling guilty.
26. Become the 1st Lady of the United States of America.
27.Donate my hair.
28.Ride an elephant in Thailand.
29.Go to the Kentucky Derby.
30.Purchase Giants season tickets .
31.Go for a Helicopter ride.
32.Have children and be a great Mom.
33.Take my family on a free vacation.
34.Win a debate.
35.Have the wedding of my dreams.
36.Make my own wine.
37.Go on a picnic – in a beautiful place.
38. Travel to all the places my father did.
39.Eat Macaroons in Paris.
40.Take a Gondola ride through Venice, Italy.
41.Host a Masquerade ball.
42.Go to the Chinese Lantern Festival.
43.Travel to Bora Bora for my Honeymoon.
44.Buy a Round of Drinks for the Whole Bar.
45.Go on a spontaneous vacation – head to the airport and take the next flight out.
46.Get married to my soul-mate.
47.Build my dream home.
48.Practice yoga on the beach.
49.Go to a Basketball game and sit court side
50.Leave someone a “pay it forward note” with 100 dollars.

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