6 Best Hair Care Tips For Working Moms

Rich hair that looks like it has been lovingly kissed by the sun is every woman’s dream. Many women want to that bronzed glowing goddess; I mean stunning looks, luscious hair, glowing skin… need I go on? 

But for working women, the busy schedule does not allow one to update her hairstyles and color effortlessly and therefore looking dazzling may no longer be one’s first priority

Working moms rotate from event to event so they have a limited time fix their hair and get it all neat so they have to come up with creative way to make their hair look good and this may not work as sometimes one can end up with hair pulled back in a messy bun using gel, hairclips and hairbands and when you sweat, all the gel and hairsprays come out in a messy way.

However, it is never too early or too late to work your way to a sweet hairstyle that will turn heads and stop traffic when you walk down the streets. 

Here are some hair care tips to help them create something that is easy and looks great no matter what you are doing or where you are. Something that makes you feels good about yourself as well.

1. Braid damp hair or pin it into small buns overnight before retiring to bed

The best time to make those waves is during the night so that you look good when you wake up. Waves and buns help to create a sexy look.

2. Use dry shampoos and powders if you are running out of time

These are good for absorbing the oil on your scalp and roots. The baby powders also increase the texture of your hair.

3. Opt for the sleek bob style

The advantage of the sleek bob is that it is a low-maintenance look and will never be out of fashion. The short hairstyle has been adopted by celebrities like Katie Holmes and Diana Agron. Get inspiration from them.

4. Smooth sleekness

If your hair is coarse and frizzy, look to the gentle cleansing power of shampoos like EverSleek orange.

Whether your hair is naturally prone to frizz, feels coarse as a result of overworking or you simply want to give your crowning glory a little extra polish, reach for a good non-sulphate cleansing system enriched with sunflower extract oils to nourish your hair. For the final finishing touch, apply a sleek smoothing serum and misting spray for hair that feels soothed, nourished and protected

5. Love to color?

Then protect and nourish your colored and dry hair too because coloring and styling can take its toll too. A good non-sulphate cleansing formula enriched with botanical oils such as rosemary, juniper and mint work well on colored hair.

6. Use a shampoo

You need to get a dedicated reinforcing system together with conditioning to support and nourish fragile hair.

If over-styling as left your hair feeling brittle and fragile, then reach out for strong reinforcing and vitality shampoos like EverStrong hair care shampoo. Topknots, ponytails, chignons and braids involve a lot of tying and styling which can be challenging for your hair. 

There are a lot of hair care products in town, developed by experts in the lab to meet the challenges of modern hairstyling and processing. 

They not only offer non-sulphate cleansing, but also have formulas that ensure your hair is both indulged and cared for- just as it deserves. Having said that, my inner goddess jumps up and down with cheer-leading pom-poms shouting yes at me (sorry L’Oreal and company, I couldn’t help it.)