6 BlogHers' Olympic Memories: Jenner, Shag Carpeting & 1984

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Did you love to watch the Olympics as a kid? I really started watching during the 1984 Olympics, when I was in fourth grade. I still remember my mom letting my sister and me watch them over dinner while eating on TV trays, which I thought was the Best.Thing.Ever. We talked to six bloggers and asked about their Olympics memories. Check it out!

Jory des Jardins

1984 was an interesting year for me: I was 12 years old that summer and hugely interested in sports. But this summer was a bit different: Sure, I enjoyed watching the pure physicality of the swimmers, divers, gymnasts, and triathaloners, but, I had to admit to my soon-to-be-pubescent self, some of the guys were kind of hot. I had to go to the movie theater to see Jake Ryan, but for two weeks every day I could tune in to see the men's gynmastics team (Bart, Mitch, Peter, Tim ... sigh). The Olympics were on all the time in my house, and every day a new, unfolding drama came with it. Would Mary Lou nail the gold? Would the women's team beat the Romanians?

I recalled the opening ceremony in Los Angeles, which featured an ungodly amount of excess -- something like 80 white grand pianos in one performance -- and thought to myself, "Yup, that's life in America. Anything is possible." Sure, we'd get shellacked in later games; our image as a superpower would tarnish in the wake of a recession, but for a 12-year-old girl it was a send-off to big dreams -- of winning gold. I started practicing my handstands and back walk-overs in the yard. Mary Lou was sixteen years old. I had some time, and a lot of catching up to do. -- Jory des Jardins, co-founder of BlogHer and blogger at From Here to Autonomy

Jory des Jardins



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