6 Eco Friendly Samsung Galaxy Cases and Covers for Women


If you like your tech served up with a side of eco friendly awesomeness, then you might be interested in our roundup of sustainable cases and covers below. These are specifically for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone and most were found online via handmade curation site Etsy.

Let us know which one is your fave?

1. Etsy Recycled Leather -

Upcycled or recycled leather is a great way to be eco friendly and support the cause, if you will - without adding any miles to your carbon footprint. Etsy is known for showcasing great handmade designs from those who use recycled leather. We found the eco case below from seller Ex Leather who makes them from scrap leather by hand in Finland. We heart this one.



Price: $28.00 (Etsy seller: X Leather)

2. Plant Based BioMASS Plastic Case -


Bioserie makes smartphone cases from plastic, but not just any plastic - it’s made from a special plant based material (BioMass) as opposed to a petrol based material. They specialize in iPhone cases but also make them for the Samsung Galaxy 3 as pictured below. The model we most liked comes in lime green, but they carry it in several other colors as well.



Price: $29.95

3. Etsy Cork Flower Case for Women -


Here’s a cute cork eco case for the Samsung Galaxy 3 from Etsy seller YuniKuna that is made from a cork body and has a nice flower design added. This eco case should appeal to women who like to dress their tech in feminine and groovy designs.



Price: $30.00 (Etsy seller: YuniKuna)

4. Bamboo Case -


Awesome bamboo case for the Samsung Galaxy three from Etsy seller Bamxoo. This one features a cool handmade etch of a lovely women, the case itself protects the back and sides of your phone. They have several neat designs for the Samsung Galaxy 3 if this one doesn’t float your boat.



Price: $59.99 (Etsy seller: Bamxoo)

5. EcoPure Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 -


The clever guys and gals at Innovez have created a series of great looking eco cases for several smartphone models, including the Galaxy from Samsung. The case pictured below covers the Samsung Galaxy 4 and is made from a plant based plastic material. Don’t you just love the grey and pink case from their cute and colorful collection? What do you think.


Price: $24.95

6. Recycled Sweater and Felt Case -


These adorable cases are made from recycled sweaters (yes! sweaters) and felt. Each one is sized to proportionately hold your Samsung Galaxy or other similar sized phone - and encase it with awesomeness. We found these online via Etsy seller WantKnot for less than twenty bucks.


Each one of these cases and covers takes our planet in mind, whether through the process, the material or both. An excellent way to show with your money, that eco friendly products and companies are important to you, is to patronize these or similar merchants.

Let us know which one you like best? and feel free to share any other eco friendly Samsung Galaxy cases that you know of - below in the comments.

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