6 Luxury Movie Theaters in the United States

When it comes to watching a movie in a movie theater, you want the best experience you can have. Most movie theater’s end up with loud people talking throughout the whole movie and this is annoying. Not only this, but you have to put up with cell phones ringing non-stop because people can be rude sometimes and forget to turn them off.  Then you have the long ads before the movie and this can be really irritating as well. So, when it comes to finding the best and most luxurious movie theaters, check out this list.

Go see a great movie with an empty stomach so you can enjoy the best food these movie theaters offer while watching a great movie. Don’t forget the popcorn and check out where you can buy popcorn popper machines at PopcornPopper.org

1, Alamo Drafthouse, Texas, United States

Imagine a movie theater that serves awesome food and beer right to your seat. This will be your experience at the Alamo Drafthouse located in Texas. Not only do they serve you food and beer right to your seat but there is no talking aloud, no kids allowed under the age of 6 years, and absolutely no cell phone use allowed. Every movie theater should be this way to make for an awesome movie viewing experience.


2, The Castro Theater in San Francisco, California

When it comes to hearing the term, “movie palace” you think of the most luxurious movie theaters around. This term came to be during the first half of the 20th century right here in the United States. This is what The Castro Theater can be termed as because of how it has and still does captivate the tourists as well as the movie-goers.  The Castro Theater opened up in 1922 and is still in operation today. It is actually one of the last ones still in operation from that era. The décor includes Mexican cathedral inspired façade that will make anyone want to enjoy a great movie.


3, AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13, New York City, New York

This is the one and only proper iMax theater. This theater opened up in 1994 and was the first theater to open up a huge iMax theater screen. This awesome theater can hold 600 people to watch great movies on the giant iMax screen. It is also still the main spot to watch a movie in 3D as well as a big screen movie.


4, Nitehawk Cinema in New York City, New York

When it comes to the best dinner and a movie experience, try the Nitehawk Cinema in New York City. Although it might be a little annoying having a waiter running around taking orders and delivering food to your seat while you are watching a great movie, the food here as well as the great movies they show, makes it all worth the while. Although the food is a little expensive, it is said to be worth it because it tastes so great. What is also so great is that the Nitehawk also serves food that goes with the theme of the movie you are enjoying.


5, Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City, New York

The Landmark Sunshine Cinema has a mix of newer independent films as well as funny midnight classics, oldies but goodies. This theater has been open since 1909. Not only this, but you may just get lucky enough to get a seat in theater one which will allow for stadium seating. This is rare but is worth it to get these kinds of seats in this theater.


6, Bam Rose Cinema, New York City, New York

The Bam Rose Cinema is Brooklyn’s best movie theater. Not only is it the best movie theater in Brooklyn but it is also attached to the best artistic venue which makes it even better. It also offers a mix of foreign, independent, as well as mainstream film. Not only this, but they also offer French cinema and contemporary black filmmakers.