The 6 Months Before Kindy

Here we are with 6 months to go before my little boy, my first born, will be starting kindergarten.  He will be leaving my protective busoms and going out on his own in the big wide world for the first time in his dear little life.


So, I should be sad, I should be worried that this is when it starts, he will no longer need me anymore, he won't rely on me for anything again, he will be able to think for himself, dress himself, etc etc.  So why am I counting down the days with a smile on my face and willing the time to pass more quickly?


I'll tell you why because no one told me until now!  These precious 6 months before kindy drive you insane!  I mean hair pulling out crazy, drive you to cocktail hour, pure looney bin stuff!  Every night before bed he asks 'what are we doing tomorrow mum?' and I kindly inform him what we have scheduled for him the next day.  Every day we have something on, and its all for him.  Monday morning is swimming lessons, Tuesday is preschool day, Wednesday is swimming lesson again followed by a play at Macdonalds with his friends, followed by craft hour at the library, Thursday is soccer training followed by lunch out and then Friday arrives and its preschool again.  Hurray for preschool I say!


You would think all of the above would be enough to keep a 4 year old happy right?  No!  We get home from all of these activities and he's back to himself, talking to me like I'm something on the bottom of his shoe, going out of his way to annoy and upset his 13 month old sister, shouts a lot (much to the neighbours annoyance) etc etc. 


So, to avoid these terrible occasions when we do return home from his little planned day, I bake with him, do craft with him, let him watch a movie, let him watch his cartoons, play in the toyroom with him, anything to keep him occupied.  But it never seems to be enough for him!


On top of this I am his food slave, he has breakfast as soon as he rises and then thats when it begins 'mum, I'm hungry' so I fix him drinks because surely he can't be hungry after the huge bowl of porridge he's just ravished, try to get him to wait till morning tea, make him morning tea.  Then straight away 'mum, I'm hungry', then its lunchtime fixed and the afternoon is much the same, every 10-15 minutes the same rants until dinnertime.


So I try and come to conclusions for his behaviour as to why he acts this way and why does he really seem to go out of his way to annoy me ALL day.  And this is it:


My conclusion is that he is VERY bored at home with me and is EVER ready for Kindegarten in January.


My other conclusion for the forever nagging for food is that he is simply growing!


But why does no one warn you of this behaviour?  I was going out of my mind thinking that my boy was VERY ill mannered and what was I doing wrong, maybe it was the way I have been raising him?  All these thoughts running round my head until I had a simple conversation with a friend who has a little boy exactly a year older than mine.  She reassured me straight away that is exactly what she went through 6 months before her boy started kindy.


So I thought I'd share with you all in case you are going through a similar experience with your precious little ones.


Roll on kindy!  After all I've said, come January I will probably miss my boy madly and the first day will be torture for me! 


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