6 reasons why parents today are better off than ever

Each generation of parents is unique but the constant thing is they all love their kids dearly, are care giving and doing their best they can but one thing that kept ringing my mind is what my mother-in-law not just once but many times said to me, "When I was your age I didn't knew lots of things you know" and she is curious from where do I collect the information where is it all available and such. She is in complete awe. Her statements compelled me to draw-up a comparison. And I think the current crop of parents is great. Below are my reasons:

  • Internet , the 3am adviser . Internet has just opened up so much of communication and knowledge and sharing  just clicks away. It has become a new 3 am friend or adviser. Its all there you just have to look up. These days people are more than willing to share their stories, mentor, give advise to all who are seeking it and it covers any topic under the sun. Difficulties with breastfeeding, settling techniques, Poo, baby food, you name it and the help is ready. You just have to open a browser. That's it! And if you are lucky you may get professional health care providers like registered nurses, pediatricians, etc answer your queries depending on which site you log on to. And there are videos these days thanks to Youtube to show how to bath your baby for the first time, how to assemble baby furniture and the list is endless. People can self educate themselves and can less rely on others for all the little things. Off-course there are still mothers physical meet up and we all know the fact that internet can not replace a doctor place.
  • Father's Role I must admit that fathers are more helpful than ever these days. My husband would keep on saying that previously father's didn't have much work to do in short he would grumble but still he would do share the responsibility. Which I think all men around are doing. They are conscious that they need to be involved with kids. My husband take care of the little one completely in my absence. Can do all the basics - bath him, feed him and make him sleep may be with a lot of efforts but he can still manage which is great! And these day fathers in all sincerity wants to do better.
  • Kids safety Parents are absolutely hands on these days. Then I was growing up I had heard many cases of kids who would have swallowed a coin or little whistles and many others but these days parents take all the steps they can to keep their kids safe and secure. They go an extra mile like remove the furniture before the kids get on with crawling. Offcourse there are some who would learn from the mistakes but majorly parents are more alert and cautious these days. Also the availability of things like baby locks, gates play pen just add up to the advantages of the current age.
  • Spend more quality time. Parents are willing to spend quality time with their kids without interruptions. My husband is very social but these days everything else revolves around the LO. I have even heard him saying on phone "I have just stepped in and want to play with my son and then I'll call you back when he is asleep."
  • Parents are older today Parents today have babies in their late 20's or early 30's which means they have been around more. Late babies means parents may be more mature, may have more extra to spend and may have a time tested relationship compared to younger couple who in there early 20's leap straight into the process.
  • Expression of love Parents all generations have love their kids a lot but this generation of parents are not shying away from showing it. Parents were more reserved and would say on special occasions but modern parents are definitely better at showing it as well. I am not in anyway saying even for a minute that modern parents love their kids more they are just good at letting them know they do by various actions.
  1. So these are all the ups and plus point but each coin has two sides, so there are negative as well like kids are more spoilt today, less outdoor play, overfed, dumbed down and many other. But those issues can be all carefully handled by parents as to how to bring up their kids and also can be discussed separately. In the end I would also like to add that because this age gives more freedom and access it does not mean that parents from any generation have not done their job properly its just that parents are better off today than ever.





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