6 Rules to Getting What You Want at a Garage Sale

This past weekend I had a (these days) rare opportunity - I GOT TO GO GARAGE SAILING.

And it was wonderful. I really haven’t been in quite a while because of a mix of polar vortexes and other actual plans, but there it was: a beautiful Saturday morning and I had NOTHING to do.

So, I set sail. I’m on the hunt for little pieces of decorative glassware (which are always in abundance at sales), and other little cute items for my wedding later this year.

You bet your ass I’m doing this wedding garage sale-style. Who do you think I am?!

As I went from house to house, I realized that I had some thoughts - no, WISDOM - to share about the beautiful art of garage sailing. Stacy already taught you HOW to set sail, now I’m going to give you some basics.

As in, basically how to get whatever you want at a garage sale.

1) Be prepared. Do your research. Find the sales. Pack a snack. Bring plenty of water. Hit up the restroom before you hit the road. Carry lots of 1 and 5 dollar bills because there’s nothing more awkward/hilarious than haggling someone down from $10 to $5 only to hand them a $10 to pay for the item.

2) Price the items in your head. If you see an awesome ceramic hippo, and you say to yourself, “Wow - that’s cool. I’d pay $.25 for that.” then STICK TO YOUR GUNS. I’ve watched Stacy walk away from a sale before because someone refused to come down from $.50 to $.25. Crazy? It’s also crazy to have a garage sale and expect to make a profit. NOW TAKE A QUARTER FOR THISHIPPO.

3) Pick it up. If you want it, put it in your hands and hold it tight. Do not leave it on a table if you even MIGHT want it. That’s a good way to get your hopes crushed. And side note: I’ve been with someone who literally bought something out of someone else’s hands, so even that may not cut it.

4) Fake it. ..

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