6-Sites To Help You Clear Your House While Making Money

The beginning of the new year is an excellent time to start fresh and purge your house of unneeded items. In this era of the Internet it has never been so easy to put used possessions up for sale. You can hold a virtual yard sale without leaving your desk by using these websites that help you earn cash while you clear your house.


Craigslist is a free online classified ads listing divided by city or region. After you sign up for an account and provide an email address, you can post an ad within minutes. If you like, you can provide a phone number, address and street map with the ad, but if you prefer to screen potential buyers you can do it through the site's secure email communications system. Craigslist will post ads for almost anything you need to sell, including bicycles, books, boats, computers, furniture, cars, trucks, cell phones, toys and games. For maximum efficiency, include photos and descriptions of your items. Once you have contacted potential buyers, they usually come to your house to evaluate and purchase your goods.


EBay is an auction site on which people bid for whatever you have for sale. First you set up a free account, and then you describe what you have for sale. Next you set a base price from which bidding starts. Be sure to include photos of your item from various angles, and be honest in your description of any scratches, dents or other problems. Be sure to include a reasonable shipping cost in the description, and package sold items carefully so they reach buyers safely.


Amazon got its reputation as an online bookstore, but in fact besides books you can sell a wide variety of items on Amazon, including CDs, DVDs, electronics, baby products, toys and games. After setting up a free seller account and a method of payment, it is a simple process to post whatever you have for sale. On Amazon you post a fixed price and leave the item on display until sold, although you can change the price if you want. Be sure you describe the item and its condition accurately, as reviewers will be merciless with you if you try to deceive them.

We Buy Cars

We Buy Cars is a company that buys any type of car you want to sell. You can either type in information on the website and get a price estimate back, or call them and get an estimate right over the phone. After you agree to sell, We Buy Cars sends buyers to your home to pick up the car. The company purchases all kinds of vehicles no matter what condition they are in, including cars that do not run, wrecked cars and cars for which you do not have a smog check or title. You can even sell a car that is not fully paid off, as long as it is worth more than the balance due.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a free classified ad service on Facebook. When you post an ad, it is seen not only by all your friends on their newsfeeds, but also by anyone else in your local area who is looking for things to buy. There is also a paid version of classified ads on Facebook called Oodle, which you would probably have to use if you were selling many items.


AtOncer is an auction site similar to EBay. Though it is not as popular as EBay, its main advantage is that it is completely free and does not have the many little fee options that EBay attaches onto your transactions.

As you can see, clearing out your house using the Internet is easy and profitable.