6 Things My 4YO Son Said This Week That Disturbingly Resembled Pick-up Lines

1. Every time you kiss me, I will take off some of my clothes.

I was trying to get him undressed for a bath. The quid pro quo was entirely his idea.

2. If you kiss me with your mouth open you can eat some of my apple.

....Because that's where the apple is. Ew.

3. Yes I will still love you when I am older...but I won't remember your name.

Thanks kid. You should write Hallmark cards when you grow up.

4. Okay I'm done cuddling; go back to your own bed now.

Fine. And you can change your own sheets when you wet the bed, Mr. Independent.

5. Hellloooo....? Please come into my bedroooom.... I have a surpriiiise for yooooou and you will liiiiike it......

It was a wooden train track and a quarter. (??)

6. Look at my penis! You don't have one, do you? I bet you wish you had mine!


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