6 Tips For Staying Sane When Moving With Children

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Moving is daunting. Especially, when you have a bunch of kids in tow to cross the country (or ocean) with you. Your stress levels are pumping and the children get pesky as they don’t wan to leave, while you need to keep an eye on the movers and control everything on your checklist.


6 Tips For Staying Sane When Moving With Children
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Here are 6 simple, yet actionable tips to help you staying sane while moving with the kids.

1. Before going: Tour the old haunts.

For children it’s important to say goodbye to the places they love and that mean something special to them. A small detour will save you from shed tears and tantrums when it’s time to sit in the car and drive. If you don’t have enough time, get your kid’s babysitter to walk around with the youngsters instead of you. That would also leave you more time for packing in the quite atmosphere before the man and van come to pack everything.

2. Prepare a treasure box.

Give your kid a special box where they could put all their tiny treasures, toys, and other favorite things. Also let them decorate it with stickers, pictures, or anything they feel like. It will keep them occupied while you are handling more important things. Don’t forget to bring it in the car with you!

3. Let them help you with the cleaning.

Put your kids in charge of finding all the leaflets, old magazines, old promotional staff and newspapers and placing them in one big pack to bring to recycling later on. If you have two kids, consider making a competition: The one who finds and picks up more paper will get a bigger candy (obviously, the other kid would get their prize too!).

4. Throw a goodbye party.

It will help kids say proper goodbyes to their schoolmates and neighborhoods without spending a lot of time on a huge detour. You can keep it simple with a chips-and-dips affair or a potluck.

5. Create very clear labels for kids’ stuff.

After you arrive to the new place, believe me, you’ll get bombarded with requests to find that special teddy bear or any other toy immediately. The more detailed the labels on kids' boxes are, the less time you’ll spend afterwards digging through them. What I do is add a dedicated number to the box and keep a simple text file in my phone with a legend of what exactly is stored in kids’ box 5.

6. Keep extra clothes on top.

Moving is messy and we know that kids like to get dirty all the time. It makes huge sense to keep a few extra shirts and shorts in the top of your bag in the car just in case. Also, consider having a stain-treating spray at hand, since you won’t have access to a washing machine during your actual move and maybe a few days after it if the machine wasn’t pre-installed.

Have you ever moved with kids? What are your essential tips?