6 Ways to Better Your Family Lifestyle Over the Summer

It's been said that practice and consistency are the best way to improve upon a habit. Why not take advantage of the extra time you have this summer to better your family lifestyle? Here are 6 awesome little courses offered on Udemy that you can take quickly and get started on improving during the summer; so when the new school year rolls around you and your family feel more organized, healthier, at ease, and possibly even happier!

The End of Picky Eating

Are your meal times filled with bargaining, pleading, bribing, tears and stress? Are you concerned about how much your child is eating or if they are getting enough nutrients? This class is a necessity for parents with picky eaters of any age. It is never too late to turn around bad eating habits in your little one and make your entire family happier and healthier in the process.


How to Increase Your Child's Self-Esteem

In this course you will learn a very interesting and important topic: How to improve your children self esteem. You can be the difference in the life of your children, we can, and we most learn how to help our children to be happy, successful and achieve their goals... and dreams.


Managing Your Family Budget

This course is a quick-reference, easy, how-to guide, meant to take you through the typical, who, why, when, what, where and how questions typically asked when considering fiscal planning for the household and or budgeting in general for your family need, means and circumstance, now and for the future.  

Internet and Cellphone Safety

This course will not only expose you to some of the real dangers of both the Internet and mobile phones, but it will also show you how to keep yourself and your family safer online.  

Critical Thinker Academy

For long-term success in school, business and life, learning HOW to think is far more important than learning WHAT to think. In this course, share the growing understanding of these topics, with a focus on what is practically important and useful for developing as independent critical thinkers.  

Parenting: Raising Grateful Children

As a parent, grandparent, or educator, are you dealing with a lack of gratitude among children? Well, this course has the solution - with practical exercises and actionable tips designed with busy families in mind.