6 Ways to Get the Most Out of NaBloPoMo This November

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Maybe you're looking to sharpen your writing/photography/video skills by posting every day this month. Maybe you're trying to grow your blog audience. Maybe you just want to see if you can do it. Whatever you're looking to get out of National Blog Posting Month, we have tips to help you win at it.

November NaBloPoMo

  1. Add your name to the blogroll. We'll be featuring the NaBloPoMo blogroll prominently throughout the month, so it's the perfect place to show the world you're participating -- and therefore keep you motivated. And as a bonus, we're giving away great prizes, including BlogHer '14 passes and iPad Minis Check out the official rules here -- but sign up now -- like, RIGHT NOW -- because we close the blogroll and the giveaway on November 5.
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  3. Cross-post to BlogHer.com. Make sure to select NaBloPoMo in the Topics pulldown under Blogging and Social Media. (You can select up to two additional topics besides NaBloPoMo by holding down the Control or Command key when you make your selections.) Cross-posting lets your content appear on the NaBloPoMo page on BlogHer.com, where we are looking to feature posts in our daily newsletter and in social media. We are also looking here to find bloggers we pay to feature, and if we want your post, we'll pay you $50!
  4. Get started by logging in and selecting "Create Blog Post" on your profile picture at the top right of every page on the site. (Or, if you're logged in, just click this "create post" link).

  5. Read and comment on others' blogs.NaBloPoMo is above all a community experience. Your participation and support as a reader, not just as a writer/photographer/vlogger, is key, so stroll through the blogroll and help us lift each other up.
  6. Take advantage of daily prompts. Stay tuned for our full list of November prompts coming very soon -- and explore even more ideas at the WordPress site, The Daily Post. Using prompts can make it easier for you to focus and get your daily work done -- and they can also spark your creativity and inspire you to stretch your content in ways you may not have considered.
  7. Speaking of which: S t r e t c h. Blogging daily requires you to find new ways to think about content. If you're normally a writer, try using the prompts for photography or video or poetry instead. If you usually write to a particular topic, try branching out (entertainment posts on a family blog, for example) or narrowing in (an all-movie month in an entertainment blog, for example). Consider NaBlo a chance to test-market new content ideas.
  8. Sign up for the NaBloPoMo newsletter. We're going daily in November to give you the opportunity to respond to prompts, stay updated on prizes, and find our latest posts with help and inspiration. The newsletter is sent daily this month, and monthly from December through October each year, so add your name now.

And if you're wondering Na Blah What What? right now -- start by learning all about National Blog Posting Month and how you can join.

In honor of NaBloPoMo in November, BlogHer and WordPress.com are joining forces to bring you writing prompts, blogging how-tos, and tips to keep you motivated to blog every day. Find more at WordPress.com's blogging site, The Daily Post.


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