6 Ways to Maximize Calorie Burn at the Gym

Many people work out hard at the gym to burn calories. However, they do not see the good results they expect. Each person’s body if different so I can only talk to you from the perspective what works for most people.  You will have to use trial and error to determine what really works for you, so don’t be in a rush.  Getting the most out of your workouts can take time but you can get the results you are looking for.  I've got 6 tips to help you refine your efforts.

6 ways to burn more calories in the gym

1.    Train with Weights to Burn Fat

The most common misconception amongst fitness enthusiasts is that they will get bulky if they train with weights, especially women. The truth is that bodybuilders take many supplements and pharmaceuticals to gain immense weight. An average person does not gain significant amounts of muscle weight without using pharmaceuticals and supplements. The fact is that training with weights puts stress on your muscles and results in fat and calorie burn.  The muscle you build will burn fat at rest, which increases overall calorie burn after your workout.  Muscle is also more compact than fat, so your body appears smaller and more toned.

2.    Circuit Training Is One of the Best Methods of Burning Calories

One of the best methods for burning the maximum amount of calories is to use circuit type workouts. One of the biggest mistakes people make when devising a circuit routine is incorporating a single type of workout. Circuit type routines should include a combination of cardio and weight training routines. Only then it will be effective and yield excellent results. If you only use weight training techniques or cardio techniques, you will not get the desired results. The best bet is to keep shuffling your workouts. You can focus on weight training one day and cardio the next. This will help you maintain a balanced routine.

3.    Avoid Monotonous Workout Routines

Keep shuffling your exercise routines. Muscles have a memory as well. This is exactly what one needs to avoid. Muscle memory can decrease your progress over time. If you keep changing your workout routines, your muscles will get confused. Confused muscles try and adapt to change. This compels the muscles to work extra hard.  When the muscles work hard, they gain strength and yield results. This is why you should change your routine on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. The more confused your muscles are the greater progress you will notice. A great way to confuse your muscles is to keep using different weight amounts (increasing the weight overtime as your body is ready) and a mixture of cardio and weight training. Incorporate more cardio into your training one week and more weight training the other.  Try new exercises and workout classes in the gym or at home for variety.

4.    Make Sure You Warm Up Properly

Warming up is the key to an effective workout. When you warm up, you allow your muscles to stretch and prepare for an intense workout. You burn more calories if you use an intense routine. However, if your muscles are not warmed up properly, you are more likely to suffer an injury. In addition, your muscles will not be able to work to their full potential. If your muscles are not working at their full potential, you will not be able to burn significant amount of calories. Always perform light cardio (walking, jogging, jumping jacks, elliptical...) and stretching as part of your warm-up routine.

5.    Avoid Resting Too Much In Between Sets

If you rest excessively in between sets, you are more likely to get lazy and not exercise hard enough. This is why you should always rest for 30-60 seconds in between a weight loss routine in most cases (there are some very intense routines where more rest is needed for recovery). If you are training to build muscle and use heavy weights, you can rest for a minute or two. Any more than this and you may lose the energy you need to exercise further. You will also not be able to lift as heavy. In calorie burning cardio or HIIT routines, you should only rest for 30 seconds max. This will keep your body challenged and the calories burning.

6.    Consider a Cool down Routine As Well

Quitting exercising immediately is as harmful as beginning without warmup. This is why you should consider a cool down routine for the end of your workout. The best thing to do is to use light weights and perform some of the same moves you already did but slower. This will bring your heart rate down significantly. You can also walk or jog to cool down.  A cool down routine should last for 5 to 10 minutes after you are done with your workout routine.

If you want to burn a significant amount of calories at the gym, be sure to consider the tips above.  Side note: What you eat is 70% of the weight loss equation. If you aren't eating right, eating processed junk food or are getting too many calories, that could be the major reason you aren't seeing results. Don't sabotage your workouts by eating junk and processed foods.

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