All About Me

Thank you for reading my blog! I want to give you a little background information
 on Myself & my family so you can better understand who we are and what our 
blog is all about!  
I am a wife of a professional basketball player in Europe and the mother of 2 great boys
 – Our life was once in America, where I was  a single mom who worked 15 hours a day, 
 trying to hold it all together! 
One day I met a man – who was a little bit younger  ...ok well a lot a younger than me –
 (like 10+ years ssshhhh) and who at that time was trying to become a professional basketball player – and told me he would eventually get a contract and take us all to Europe to live the Baskets life! 
I am not sure I quite believed him at first, but I supported his dream and watched it go from a dream to a reality! 3 Years after our first meeting – he had a professional contract to play basketball in Europe – and well, that is where our story begins – Marriage or Not ? To Go or not to go? Leave the USA ? What about the kids? 
SO – This is our story of moving across the world to be with the man we loved, to support his career and become a family!  Our story is about our life as a basketball family – the good, the bad and the ugly – The things we have learned along the way about moving and relocating ... 
(multiple times – from America to Lithuania, to Czech Republic & Currently in Germany ... and counting) – The amazing places we have been, and some tips to travel like a local
– the Languages we have learned – the food we love, and those things we really miss, our new culture and the lifestyle we must try to fit into and to understand –  And the way we try to give back to the communities we live in by raising money for Children's Cancer ….Most of all staying a down  to earth, sane family who loves and respects each other through all the amazing chaos!
If anything we have learned can help you … or just entertain you and you make you smile then my blog will be all worthwhile Welcome to our Baskets Life ....Please read and enjoy!
Stacey Veikalas
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