"Hiiiii honeyy!  How are you feeling?  Sore?  Good news.  Out of 11 eggs harvested, 8 were mature, and this morning the embryologist advised that 7 of those eggs were fertilized!  I'll call you tomorrow to alert you of their progress and advise what time you'll be coming back for the embryo transfer."




So the other day, at 8:45am, we arrived at the hospital for surgery check in.

"Consent forms signed?  Living Will on hand? Have you had bad reactions to anesthesia before? Please take off your wedding rings and any other valuable jewelry.  Put these on...lay on the table...spread your legs, and count down from ten, nine, eight, seven......"


"Wake up princess.  All done.  How do you feel?"


Out of 29 follicles and eggs, 11 were harvested during surgery.  8 were mature.  7 were fertilized.  Now we wait to see which of the fertilized eggs begin splitting and progress to blastocysts.  Within a few days, we'll return for an embryo transfer procedure, at which time, we'll decide how many to transfer into the womb, and how many to cryopreserve (freeze for future use).


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