7 Amazing Android Apps That will Make your Life Easier

The previous year was a big year for all the technologists and with the vast advances in the application ecosystem. Apart from throwing poke balls here and there, some other useful innovations were also done to make your smartphones more useful and utility tool for every situation. From helping the corporate suit holders with their balance sheets to providing online notes for all the budding musicians, apps can be used for any purpose.

Android Apps

According to the Statistics reports, the Google Play Store is home to more than 2.6 million android applications in December 2016. Moreover, with such an abundant rate in the uprise of application development and their usage, it’s literally impossible to decide which one is useful or not. I also read many android tips and tricks to gain more knowledge and flexibility. However, I’ve done a little bit of homework to break down this list into 7 amazing android apps that would definitely make your life easier than ever. So, without any further blabbering, let’s get started.


The first to join the list is Trello. It is a professional app specially crafted as per corporate problems and issues faced by the employees. The app simply gives an eagle eye over the ongoing projects and scheduled meetings, tasks, etc. without even troubling yourself to keep a tab of all the process physically. You can also interact with the people working on the same project.


Feeling a little poetic or just want to express your thoughts? Wordswag is a perfect app for you which lets you post cool quotes on your social media. Just enter Wordswag, take any background image, choose a good font, and voila! You’ve successfully created a professional looking quote image that you are entitled to post anywhere. Word art is really a good hobby for both the writers as well as the enthusiastic writers.


Don’t fall for its name terminology, the app is the best one on this list but still hasn’t deserved the credits due for it. What it does is that it simply lets the user create his or her personalized app by making different tasks or “recipes” as the app mentions. For example, you want to get notified every time The Weeknd releases a new song; you can create a recipe for it. The application has endless possibilities and combined correctly with the recipes; you can benefit a lot from it.


Talkspace is a multiple platform medical therapy and counseling application that helps you connect directly with any certified professional for counseling purposes. It is a free to download an app but it does charge you with some fees that you need to pay for any therapy session.

A plan costs you as low as $32 on a weekly basis and trusts me this; you’ll definitely feel your money to be invested in the right place. No matter how low are you or whatever you feel, just message the professional and he’d contact you ASAP.


Traveling is never going to be easy or stress-free unless you’ve checked the tickets and the hotel booking for at least 10 years. Well, this app simply saves your day with its effective managing algorithm that plans and keeps track of all your belongings, luggage, bus timings, flights tickets, hotel check-ins and much more. The app organizes your whole trip without any hassles and was indeed a good one. Just use TripIt and travel with you friends and family with all the enthusiasm and excitement you need as it helps you with all the management stuff. Also, share your flight booking up time and departures, etc.


Paytm is become one of the most viral apps in India because of demonetization and gain more popularity. Amidst the cranky air of demonization, Paytm really did manage the industry individually with all its amazing features. I know that you guys are already aware of the fact that how these payment applications work. With more than 50 million downloads, Paytm app is already saving a lot of people’s lives and their businesses in these hard times.


Not much of a useful application for kind of generation but it is really worth the list. The RescueTime application blocks your social network over a specific period whenever required. Initially, it doesn’t seem to be useful but asks all the social media addicts.