7 Easy Ways to Become a Healthier You!

From experience I know that tackling your eating habits can be the hardest part about leading a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you just can't ditch that craving for oreos or you genuinely hate fruit. I know for me it has certainly been a long process. I used to hate fruits and vegetables. Okay, okay I admit I was against anything considered "healthy". One of my arguments being that eating healthy was just a big corporate scam to make us want to be skinny and feel inadequate, and some of it is (check out the sugar levels on that low fat yogurt you're eating) . However that's a discussion for another time. But now I love it all! These are some of the things I did when I first started of on my journey of health and happiness and I hope they help you just as much! And remember eat what makes you feel good. If you like bread - eat bread! Your sole purpose in life isn't to have a flat stomach and a thigh gap. .... Read More

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